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The University of Bonn has been certified under the Family-Friendly University Audit since December 2011 and entitled to use this title permanently since September 2021. The Office of Family Services provides advice to employees and students of the University of Bonn around the topics of childcare, maternity protection, parental leave, care of relatives and more.

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The Office of Family Services and the Gender Equality Office work in close cooperation when it comes to offering counselling and measures of support. 
The following projects were developed together by both offices:

Available on Loan: KidsBoxes

As a family-friendly university, the University of Bonn has acquired several KidsBoxes to expand its provision of flexible childcare offers.
A KidsBox is a closet on wheels which, when opened, creates a space in which children can play or parents can change diapers and otherwise care for their children.
KidsBoxes can be used for childcare in the context of university events such as conferences, seminars or celebrations, but can also be rented for a longer period as part of a parent-child office/workspace.

Please note: if you are planning to use a KidsBox at an event you are organising, you have to hire a caregiver yourself. The Office of Family Services can help you in finding a suitable person.

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Short-Term Support for Parents in the Finishing or Qualification Phases of Their (Doctoral) Degree Program

The University of Bonn offers parents in the finishing phase of their bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral studies financial support for a limited period of time. The aim of this grant is to support parents in caring for their children and managing everyday chores so that they can dedicate more time to successfully obtaining their degree.

Emergency Fund for Students with Children

This fund supports students of the University of Bonn with children who find themselves in an unforeseen financial emergency. It is intended to help overcome the acute situation quickly and without complications. Single parents will be given preferential treatment. The financial emergency must not be the result of gross negligence on the part of the applicant.

Students can apply for a one-time payment of up to 1000 €. The general living expenses of the applicant and their children must be secured. Corresponding proof must be enclosed with the application. As a rule, children should not be more than twelve years of age.

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New: Travel Allowances for Accompanying Persons

The University of Bonn permits employees to apply for travel allowances for taking children and accompanying persons on official and research trips in Germany and abroad. The aim is to improve staff mobility for employees with families and to increase professional development and networking opportunities for all employees.

This measure is directed at employees planning a trip who need to bring their child/children, potentially including an additional accompanying person because childcare is not possible at home. Each case will be examined individually; applications will be approved if they meet fixed criteria applying to all employees of the University of Bonn. The Office of Family Services, the Gender Equality Office and the Travel Expenses Department can be consulted on topic of this allowance. However, all applications must be addressed directly to the Travel Expenses Department and will be processed there.

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