A KidsBox is a closet on wheels which, when opened, creates a space in which children can play or parents can change diapers and otherwise care for their children. KidsBoxes are appropriate for children between the ages of 1,5 and 7 years.

One KidsBox contains:

  • a portable crib which can also be used as a playpen
  • a folding mattress and a roll mat for crawling and playing on the floor
  • a baby seat you can clamp onto your own desk
  • a stool and table for older children
  • books
  • various toys and painting/drawing materials
  • a mat for changing diapers
  • disinfectant and a first aid kit
  • hygiene products
  • and many more items.

All products are made by well-known companies such as LEGO, Ravensburger, BIG, Hauck, Herlag, IKEA etc.
All surfaces, doors, handles and shelves are washable. The KidsBox is equipped with disinfectants for both surfaces and hands 

Dimensions: 110 x 123 x 66 cm (width/height/depth), weight ca. 85 kg
The KidsBox is easy to transport due to its wheels. It can be locked.

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Loaning a KidsBox

KidsBoxes can be reserved and loaned through the Gender Equality Office. You will have to organize the transport yourself. In order to loan a KidsBox, you will have to sign the Terms of Use and name a person in charge. Further information can be found in the documents linked on the right.

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