01. March 2024

Do I stack too high: Impostor Syndrome in Academia - Successful by Luck or Competence? Imposter Syndrome in Academia

Online-Workshop for Female researchers at the University of Bonn, 21 June 2024.

Imposter Syndrome
Imposter Syndrome © Pexels / Vlada Karpovich
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Impostor Syndrome describes the feeling of constant self‐doubt about one's own
competence and performance. It includes the feeling of being an intellectual fraud
and in danger of being exposed at any moment, despite their objective success.
This concept is mainly described for high‐achieving people. It often affects scientists
who do not attribute or recognize success due to their own achievements and
The goal of this course is to learn about the Impostor Syndrome. To this aim, we
will look at the characteristics as well as scientific explanations that promote its
development. In practical exercises we will look at our own biography of personal
and professional development and identify hidden beliefs. We will dive into why
the Impostor Syndrome is affecting especially knowledge workers* and what the
connections are to mental health. Finally, we focus on strategies to effectively work
against these negative beliefs. Additionally, we take a shift in perspective into the
role of group leaders and look at how to address the Impostor Syndrome in

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