01. March 2024

Online-Workshop: Networking for Female Scientists, English Networking for Female Scientists

Online-Workshop for Female researchers at the University of Bonn, 07 May 2024.

Networking for Female Scientists
Networking for Female Scientists © Pexels/ Ketut Subiyanto
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In previous decades, several strategies to empower more women to pursue an academic career have been employed. Seeing more women in leading positions gives young female scientists the role models they need, because "you can’t be what you can't see" (Marian Wright Edelman).

Still, the distribution of positions in academia is nowhere near equal for all genders as well as different ethnic groups that are represented in our society. A lot more needs to be done towards equality in academia.

To overcome remaining inequalities in academia, we need to be aware of the tools that help boost our own career. Networking is one of those tools. Indeed, it is often referred to as the most effective career building tool. Studies show that 70% to 90% of satisfying positions inside and outside of academia are found through proper self-promotion and networking.

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