Funded Projects for the Structural Integration of Gender Equality in the Faculties – Guidelines

The Gender Equality Office is funding three projects aimed at boosting the structural integration of gender equality in the faculties. Funding is targeting projects contributing to cultural or structural change (e.g. supporting gender equality, antidiscrimination, awareness-raising and career development). Maximum funds of €10,000 will be allocated to each project. The funding period must begin by January 2023.

Measures and Objectives

In recent years some faculties have already implemented measures to support women early-career researchers and increase the compatibility of research, studying, work and family life. So far, measures aiming explicitly at cultural and structural change are not as commonly established. The Gender Equality Office is funding three projects which work towards, for example,

  • taking gender equality issues into account in structural and development planning in the department in question,
  • increasing knowledge and skills related to gender equality among persons in positions in leadership,
  • developing concepts to improve equality of opportunities in evaluation and appointment processes, 
  • supporting networking among women early-career researchers within and beyond the University,
  • increasing the visibility of women researchers within their scientific community,
  • increasing international mobility for women students and researchers with children
  • integrating gender aspects into studies and teaching,
  • developing concepts to prevent harassment and discrimination

This fund does not support (more) established measures such as

  • Workshops for women early-career researchers on topics such as career-development
  • Travel expenses
  • The creation of positions for assistants or interim financing
  • Scholarships
  • Childcare.


Faculties as well as individual institutes, departments, work groups or other institutions and units at the University of Bonn may apply for funding.

Proposals should not exceed a maximum of 10 pages and should cover the following topics:

  • What exactly are the project's objectives?
  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses in terms of gender equality in the department (institute, etc.) applying
  • What measures are planned as part of the project? How are these measures to be implemented?
  • How does the project fit into the department's structure and development plans?
  • How will the project be integrated into the department as a whole? Who will be responsible?
  • Project schedule and budget
  • Plans for evaluation to check the project's sustainability and (long-term) effectiveness.

Central criteria in evaluation applications are:

  • Innovation, originality, creativity
  • Suitability with regard to the needs of the department applying
  • Sustainability
  • Coherence of planning
  • Practicability.

Submission and Contact Information

Proposals must be submitted by 13 November 2022 as one PDF file via email to the
Gender Equality Officer
Sandra Hanke

If you have any questions, please contact Sandra Hanke (Tel.: 73 7490).

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