Discrimination Notification Form

Sexualized discrimination and violence, sexism, homophobia, hostility against trans* persons or other forms of discrimination based on sex or gender will not be tolerated at the University of Bonn! But despite this commitment, such incidents occur all the time. If you have been affected by or have witnessed such an incident, you can always contact the Gender Equality Office confidentially.



Gabriele Alonso Rodriguez
Gender Equality Officer
E-Mail: gleichstellungsbeauftragte@zgb.uni-bonn.de 
Phone: 0228 - 73 7490

Further, an official complaint can also be lodged with the Administration Office for Protection against Discrimination:


Simone Abresch
E-Mail: abresch@verwaltung.uni-bonn.de
Phone: 0228 - 73 7569

Susanne Rettinger
E-Mail: rettinger@verwaltung.uni-bonn.de
Phone: 0228 - 73 3679

Both - the Gender Equality Office and the Administration Office for Protection against Discrimination are generally available for confidential initial advice, in which it may be a matter of classifying the incident in question and discussing possible first steps.

Online Discrimination Notification Form of the Gender Equality Office

If you are reluctant to report an incident directly, you can make use of our online discrimination notification form to get in touch anonymously.

Please note however, that an anonymous report does not constitute an official complaint and does not usually lead to remedial or protective measures, investigations or sanctions against the accused person or persons. In other words, an anonymous complaint will be recorded and used to refine our preventive measures in this area, but will not result in action being taken in an individual case.

If you want, you may provide your contact details and we can contact you by e-mail to discuss the situation and potential steps. We deal with all personal data on an entirely confidential basis. All further steps, and whether there should be any further steps at all, can be discussed then.

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