The Gender Equality Office Team

If you are a member of the University, you can contact the Gender Equality Office team about all issues relating to gender equality, career support measures for women (early-career) academics, and in cases of discrimination.

Central Gender Equality Officer

The Central Gender Equality Officer works towards the fulfillment of the governmental order for equalization at the University, in particular regarding the inclusion of questions of gender equality in scientific, administrative and technical work, in development planning and in all personnel and structural measures. She is an advisory member ex officio of all central committees. Her immediate deputies support the Central Gender Equality Officer in her work while focusing on their particular areas of focus. At the Faculties, the Gender Equality Officers for the Faculties work towards implementing gender equality in their respective areas. They, too, act as deputies of the Central Gender Equality Officer.

Avatar Alonso Rodriguez M.A.

Gabriele Alonso Rodriguez M.A.

Central Gender Equality Officer

Gender Equality Office Secretary

Please direct all requests for appointments and general questions to the Gender Equality Office secretary. They are available all day between Monday and Friday.

Avatar Bläßer M.A.

Isabell Bläßer M.A.


+49 228 73-6574

+49 228 73-99 99487


Maximilianstraße 22

53111 Bonn

Measures and Programs

The Gender Equality Office provides an extensive portfolio of different programs, workshop series and trainings for women students, employees and (early-career) researchers. Our objective is to support women in attaining qualifications necessary for their career and preparing for leadership positions, to help them build and expand professional networks and attain greater visibility for their professional achievements. Our offers cover a broad range of formats, from the mentoring program MeTra, the Maria von Linden coaching program, and the science communication program #UnsichtbarWarGestern (#InvisibleNoMore) to collegial counseling, self-confidence workshops, emergency funding and short-term financial support for students with children, and prizes and awards.

Avatar N. N.

N. N.

Head of MeTra-Program, #UnsichtbarWarGestern, Maria von Linden-Prize, Consultations for Women in Science
Avatar Frigge M.A.

Felicitas Frigge M.A.

Campaigns, Measures and Public Relations, Gender Studies Prize

Gender Equality Controlling

The instrument of strategic gender equality controlling is used as a steering element
that serves the planning, organization and implementation of equality policies. It uses statistical analysis and a comprehensive reporting system to identify anomalies in process cycles within the context of gender mainstreaming in order to be able to respond quickly by developing suitable measures.

Gender Consulting

Our Gender Consulting team can advise you on how to develop and implement equal opportunity measures in research associations and other third-party funded projects. We can assist you with your application (for example with sketches, initial and follow-up applications), the evaluation of your research project and the implementation of the measures agreed upon during the project duration.

Avatar Peez M.Sc.

Freya Peez M.Sc.


Gender Equality Controlling
Avatar Boutouil M.A.

Hicham Boutouil M.A.

Gender Consulting

Student and Research Assistants

Our student and research assistants support the Gender Equality Office in public relations work, research, developing new relevant topics, and organizing events.

Avatar Brohl B.A.

Elisa Brohl B.A.


Research Assistant

How to get here  - arriving by car, bus or train

Arriving by Car

The Gender Equality Office is located in the immediate neighbourhood of Bonn Central Station, at Maximilianstraße 22. Unfortunately, the office building does not offer parking spaces for visitors. At the following addresses, you can find parking garages in the area: 

Alte Bahnhofgarage: Münsterstraße 6, 53111 Bonn

Parkhaus Hauptbahnhof: Rabinstraße 1, 53111 Bonn

DB BahnPark: Quantiusstraße 9, 53115 Bonn

Bonner City Parkraum: Münsterplatz 6, 53111 Bonn

Arriving by Bus or Train

Bonn Central Station is an important junction for public transport in the city of Bonn. The stop is easy to reach by bus, tram or train. From the Central Station, it's about a 1 minute walk to the Gender Equality Office.

Travelling via ICE: 

The nearest ICE station is "Siegburg/Bonn" in Siegburg. There, you can change into tram line 66 and travel for about 20 minutes to „Bonn Hauptbahnhof“ in Bonn. From this station, it's a 1 minute walk to the Gender Equality Office. The 66 departs every ten minutes from a subterranean platform inside Siegburg/Bonn station.

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