Ending Harassment Together

Recommended Procedures and Prevention

If you have experienced sexualized discrimination or violence ...

Have courage – defend yourself against sexualized discrimination!
Regardless of whether it comes from your employers, advisors, teachers, colleagues or fellow students.

NO means NO! Make it clear to the person(s) harassing you that you do not consent to their behavior!

Document the incident(s) and write down the contact information of possible witnesses. It can be difficult to prove incidents of sexualized discrimination or violence, particularly if it’s your statement against the other person’s. You should therefore, if possible, record in writing the date, time, place and type of the incident, as well as any measures you may have taken already to defend yourself. Save all harassing emails or text messages.

Don’t keep it to yourself! Talk to people you trust and get in touch with your employer or the relevant contact person at the University. They will treat your case confidentially and support you in taking further steps and seeking further conversations.

Please also note the University of Bonn Policies for Protection Against Sexualized Discrimination and Violence.

If you witness someone being harassed or hurt ...

Don’t look away – show moral courage!
It is up to every person working or studying at the University of Bonn to help create and maintain a climate of mutual respect.

Talk to those affected and alert them to the available contact persons and counseling options.
If possible, offer your support.

What you can do to prevent harassment ...

Especially if you are in a leadership position, it is your duty to make sure your employees and students can work under conditions free from discrimination and violence.

Act as a positive example – demonstrate mutual respect. Make it clear that sexual harassment and sexualized discrimination are not tolerated at the University of Bonn!

If you see someone being harassed, or someone reports a case of harassment or discrimination to you, take the problem seriously!

Make use of your options and try to get an idea of the situation. Stay neutral at the outset.

If necessary, point those concerned towards the contact persons at the University or offer them a confidential conversation yourself.

Distribute the University’s information and campaign material in your offices and link to these web pages.

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