Mit Gleichstellung in die Zukunft

University Culture

Universities today are committed to encourage equality of opportunities and respect for diversity. The objective is to create an organizational culture which recognizes and acknowledges the individual circumstances and diverse social and cultural backgrounds of its members without reservations. One important condition for achieving this is the establishment of conditions of work and study which are based on gender equality, family-friendly and free from discrimination. This is necessary in order to counter structural barriers to university access and career development as far as possible.

Among the challenges brought on by the much-debated ‘cultural change’ at universities are the implementation of fair and transparent structures of decision-making and evaluation regarding both hiring choices and in the distribution of resources. Moreover, equality of opportunities should become a central criterium for the instruments of quality management, especially in terms of ???infrastructure planning???, but also regarding target agreements or processes of evaluation. In order to include a wide range of perspectives in all discussions, decision-making bodies must be composed of diverse members. Furthermore, skills in/knowledge regarding issues of gender and diversity and the consistent use of gender-inclusive and discrimination-free language should be a matter of course in all everyday transactions at universities.

(Auszug aus Hanke/Pottek 2018)

Hanke, Sandra/Pottek, Martina (2018): Gleichstellungspolitik und Diversity Management – Für einen Kulturwandel an Universitäten. In: Stieldorf, Andrea/Mättig, Ursula/Neffgen, Ines (Hg.): Doch plötzlich jetzt emanzipiert will Wissenschaft sie treiben – Frauen an der Unviersität Bonn (1818-2018). S. 257-267. University Press: Bonn.
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Gender-Inclusive Language

To make your German-language texts gender-inclusive, the University of Bonn Gender Equality Office recommends the use of neutral expressions and the “gender star”.

Foto: Weiße Würfel mit schwarzen Buchstaben auf ockerfarbenem Untergrund bilden die Worte Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias

Biases tend to result from stereotyped perceptions, patterns of thinking and reacting we derive from our own or others’ previous experience in order to be able to react more quickly to new information.

Ein Venusspiegel im Anschnitt, weiß auf gelbrünem Hintergrund

Gender & Diversity Course Catalog

The Gender & Diversity Course Catalog is published every term. It gathers together all classes dealing with issues of gender and diversity at the University of Bonn.

Hintergrundfarbe: Übergang von orange nach braun-rot Darauf stehe die Worte Inhaltshinweise in der Lehre

Content Notes in Teaching

Content notes can provide students with trauma the opportunity to adjust to potentially difficult teaching situations and serve to sensitize instructors and students alike to dealing with teaching material that is stressful in terms of content.

Eine Kreuzung von oben fotografiert. An den vier Ecken der Kreuzung stehen Hochäuser, auf den Bürgersteigen sind Palmen zu sehen, auf der Straße Autos und Zebrastreifen.
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The term ‘intersectionality‘ describes a concept of multiple discrimination developed by Black feminists in the USA to highlight discriminatory practices based on the intersection of race and gender.

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Picture a Scientist – Streaming Event

The Gender Equality Office organized a streaming event and subsequent panel discussion on the topics addressed by the documentary film Picture a Scientist – Frauen der Wissenschaft (USA 2020).

Eine Wissenschaftlerin und ein Wissenschaftler arbeiten hinter einer Glasfassade und mischen Chemikalien mit Großgeräten.


In June 2022, the Gender Equality Office and the AStA Queer Department launched a campaign to re-classify selected bathrooms as “all gender” or unisex bathrooms. Though limited to one week, the project was intended to draw attention to the constant need for a gender equality and diversity policy that reflects the existence of more than two genders.

Eine Wissenschaftlerin und ein Wissenschaftler arbeiten hinter einer Glasfassade und mischen Chemikalien mit Großgeräten.


Our new magazine covers everything from gender equality policy to recent projects and special events and regular programs and measures.

Further Reading

Equal Opportunity and Diversity Unit – Diversity Days 2023

On the occasion of the German Diversity Day on May 23, 2023, the Vice Rectorate for Equal Opportunity and Diversity, together with the staff unit of the same name, is organising the second Diversity Days at the University of Bonn.

Equal Opportunity and Diversity Unit – Free Menstrual Products

The University of Bonn is now offering free menstrual products for students. The pilot phase of the project has successfully concluded and an extension of the project has been approved. The dispensers are going to be located in twenty-three selected restrooms at central locations.

Stabsstelle Chancengerechtigkeit und Diversität – MitSprache (German only)

MitSprache is a program of the University of Bonn, which is carried out by the Department for Intercultural Communication and Multilingualism in cooperation with the Caritas Association Bonn. The concept sees language as the key to the integration of new immigrants, which enables educational opportunities and societal "co-speak" (Mit-Sprache), i.e. participation.

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