The Gender Equality Office’s new magazine, featuring information on gender equality policy, projects and activities as well as our programs and measures. It will be published once a year in a reversible bilingual (German/English) format both online and in print. Below you can read the flipbook version or download a more accessible PDF file.

First Issue 2022

With Her*Spectives, we take the opportunity to inform readers within, and perhaps beyond, the University of Bonn about our work, our measures and our projects. The magazine is a collaborative effort by all members of our team, giving an insight into the full range of the Gender Equality Office’s activities.

The table of contents reflects the varied nature of our day-to-day work. Articles on state-wide gender equality policy in North Rhine-Westphalia are supplemented, for example, by reports on our work in raising the profile of women researchers or supporting women entrepreneurs. This year also saw the Gender Equality Office award two prizes and launch a new campaign to establish unisex bathrooms at the University of Bonn.

We hope you enjoy this informative read!

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Her*Spectives Magazin

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Her*Spectives Magazin (Englisch)

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Did you enjoy the magazine? Do you have a complaint or an idea for improvement?

We’ll be delighted to hear from you, whether you simply want to share your thoughts on our magazine or to appear in the next issue with an article of your own or coverage of a gender equality-related activity in your department!

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