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Equal Opportunity at the University of Bonn

Equality policy is a cross-sectional task at the University of Bonn and thus an integral part of the university’s management. The Rectorate, the Equal Opportunities Officer and the advisory bodies work together to implement the Equal Opportunity order, which is described in § 3 of the Higher Education Act for NRW:

"In their role, universities promote the effective implementation of gender equality in higher education and work towards the elimination of disadvantages for women. In all proposals and decisions universities pay due attention to the gender mainstreaming, the diversity of their members (diversity management) and the legitimate interests of their staff in terms of good employment conditions."

The support of early-career female scientists and the increase in the proportion of female professors, the development and implementation of targeted measures to reconcile research, studies, work and family life as well as increasing the number of female students in STEM subjects form focal points of the work at the University of Bonn. 

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