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Counseling Services

The statutory requirements for the tasks of the Gender Equality Commissioner result in two basic fields of consulting:

Advise the University on the implementation of the Equal Opportunity Order

The Gender Equality Commissioner, through their participation in meetings of central bodies such as the Rectorate, the University Council and the Senate, can work towards integrating gender equality aspects in structural and personnel planning. Through the continuous introduction of a gender equality perspective, gender equality policy, as a cross-cutting task at the University, is further strengthened. In addition, they have the right to participate in all organizational and personnel measures.

Advise and support of employees and students in matters of equality

Topics addressed by the Gender Equality Commissioner in the field of counseling are manifold and include: problems in the workplace, for example, with colleagues or supervisors, application situations, bullying or sexual harassment.

In counseling sessions, the Gender Equality Commissioner is subject to secrecy. Neither the fact that a consultation has been used nor the contents of the discussions may be passed on to third parties, unless the person seeking advice expressly agrees that other persons or entities may be included in the counseling.

Consultations are only possible with an appointment.

Martina Kuhnert
Office hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm
Phone: +49 (0)228 - 73 6573
E-Mail: secretariat (at)  

Advice on issues of reconciliation, child care or caring for relatives is usually the responsibility of the University's Family Office. However, under certain circumstances it is also possible to address the Gender Equality Commissioner on these issues.  

The Gender Equality Commissioner's counseling service extends beyond the legally stipulated tasks

Counseling on equal opportunity measures in third-party applications (Gender Consulting) supports scientists in the integration of equality aspects in the context of the application for research projects as well as in the conception and implementation of specific measures, for example, for career development for female junior scientists.

As part of the contact point for LGBTTI* persons, the Gender Equality Commissioner advises all employees and, in close cooperation with the LesbiSchwul and trans* advisory board of the AStA, students who face obstacles or sexual discrimination in a University context.

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