Campus Safety Survey at the University of Bonn

University facilities are spread across the city of Bonn. With this survey, we – the Rectorate, the Facilities Management Division and the Gender Equality Office – want to ensure that there are no places on the University grounds or inside University buildings that could cause feelings of fear or insecurity simply because they are confusing, isolated or badly lit.

Frighting or potentially dangerous areas cause many people to avoid them for their own protection, or to take individual precautions (using the KommGutHeim app, talking on the phone). Often, however, simple measures such as increasing lights, making repairs, ensuring that vegetation is pruned regularly or simply applying a different color scheme can already effect significant improvement.

The University asks your help in identifying potentially frightening and dangerous areas. It is your individual perception that counts.

The survey is open to all and is not limited to certain groups or specific threats such as sexual assault. Reports of potentially frightening or dangerous areas of any kind are welcome. We ask each and every one of you to participate and help make our campus safer!

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